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how to canada form indian visa

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APPLICATION FORM FOR INDIAN VISA (Duly completed form needs to be deposited with VFS (Canada) Inc. Please visit their website http://in.vfsglobal.ca for addresses of Collection Centers in Canada,
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___________________________ 2. Address ________________________ 3. Place of Birth ________________________________________ 4. Passport No. ___________ 5. Country or territory of permanent residence ----------------- 6. Place of Work ____________________________ 7. Mailing address _______________________________________ 8. Phone ________________________ 9. Telephone number ____________________________ 10. Email address ________________________ 11. Mailing address _______________________________________ 12. Telephone number ____________________________ Your full name will be on the Permanent Resident Card. D. Payment, Processing and Delivery: (Optional) Your name and address can be found on the Permanent Resident Card and the application form. Your Visa Card will be mailed to the address provided on the form and will be a standard envelope with Visa, Canadian bank-issued credit or debit card. When you complete this application form, you will not leave a mailing address. You are required to complete an International Application for Residence Card form and send it back to us, along with the Visa Card and any applicable fees. The fee will be assessed to the Visa Card, not the applicant. Payment is payable in full at the time of application. Failure to pay fees or return the card within the time specified will result in the application being returned to you. The application costs will never exceed 300 including all applicable fees. Please note however, that it is the responsibility of the applicant to send the required documents within the time-frame as well as pay the appropriate fees. If you are unable to do so, we will be unable to issue your permanent resident visa. In Canada: Your Visa Card may be taken to Canadian Border Services Agency (BSA) by completing the International Application for Residence Card online or by mail. There will be a processing fee to be assessed (see Fee Schedule below). For instructions on submitting the application form, to apply for your Visa Card, and to find the address on which the Visa Card can be mailed to, go to the Visas section of this website. NOTE: If submitting online, a non-refundable application fee of must be paid using a credit or debit card. Visa Information Note If you apply by mail for a non-refundable visa, you are required to pay for any portion of the visa application that is not payable by credit/debit card. If you do not pay for the entire fee, the visa application will be returned to you.
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